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Medical records

Patient Records- our new/current Electronic Medical Record system now allows us to let you know when a laboratory report has come in, for you to see.  (As off October 2017).  For this to work, we need a contact email address.  A message is sent to you, and results are accessed through your Medeo account.

As of March 2019, Alberta residents can set up a myhealth.alberta.ca, which lets you access some lab results (and other information) on line. So that may cut out the middle step of having to get results from your doctor.  (Not everything is listed).  It does require confirmation of your identity (e.g-Driver’s license information) and a personalized PIN is sent in the mail, before it is fully set up.

For more information on MyHealth please visit their website: https://myhealth.alberta.ca/MyHealthRecords

Make an appointmentThere are two ways to book an appointment at the Ermineskin Medical Clinic – Talking to our medical office assistants on the phone 780-436-8731 or online using a Medeo account. The first step is to have your email on our clinic file.  Please note that online bookings are reserved for shorter appointments.