Dr. Mark Armstrong

We are living in interesting times- it has been months since I have worked an evening clinic or a Saturday morning.  With COVID, most of our visits have been virtual (although there are still some that need face to face assessment/contact).  The world has been changing- and Ermineskin has been trying to continue practicing medicine, and keeping people as safe as possible.  We are trying to follow the guidelines, and look after you as best as we can.

31 years ago I took over Dr Ken Harrison’s practice at Ermineskin, when he re-invented himself.  Now I am doing something similar.

And as I step aside, Dr Nathan Turner will be coming to the Ermineskin Clinic after finishing his University of Alberta Family Medicine residency.  (That is pretty close, give or take a year or three, to how I started long ago.)  Dr Turner is starting mid July, with the intention of staying on if/when everything works out.  I have confidence that he will be made welcome.  And I know that he would be hard pressed to find a better group of staff and doctors (and patients!) to work with.  The Ermineskin Clinic has fostered patient/family loyalty over the years, and will strive to maintain the high standards of care that you have come to expect.

I will miss you all- it has been a privilege, getting to know you and your families through times of disease and distress.  Now you will have the opportunity to connect with a new physician, one with fresh ideas and a fresh outlook.

We are planning for the mid-July transition to happen as smoothly as possible, as we bring back staff and open up the clinic for longer hours, with this first wave of Coronavirus passing by.

I am stepping back from Family Practice, and will see how doing some specialized medical work goes, in the years ahead.

Wishing you all the best,

Dr Mark Armstrong

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