About Ermineskin Medical

Our clinic is a group of collegial doctors and support staff providing family care for all generations

About Ermineskin Medical

The Ermineskin Medical Clinic was founded by Dr. Brian Ritchie in 1983. Over time the original staff of two physicians increased to ten.  We needed a new location, and moved to Century Park in 2006. With Dr. Hiebert’s recent retirement after 35 years and Dr. Miu’s decision to consolidate practice at another location, we now number eight doctors.  We work independently but cooperatively, sharing on-call duties and covering for each other’s absences.

Our clinic is a group of collegial doctors and support staff providing family care for all generations.  We see expectant mothers for prenatal visits, children with pediatric concerns, young and middle-aged adults, and the elderly.  Our work with seniors includes assessments for driver’s licence renewals, medication reviews and cognitive screening.

We strive to provide comprehensive health care, and we are able to do many minor surgical procedures on site. We are progressive, always looking for improved methods to offer patients the best service possible.  We have used electronic medical records since 2002. We have adopted Access Improvement Measures (AIM) to reduce our appointment wait times and improve efficiencies. We work with a multidisciplinary Primary Care Network (PCN) team comprising nurse practitioners, a behavior heath consult and a psychiatrist. Always willing to share our experience and knowledge, we are a teaching centre for medical students and residents.

Make an appointmentThere are two ways to book an appointment at the Ermineskin Medical Clinic – Talking to our medical office assistants on the phone 780-436-8731 or online using a Medeo account. The first step is to have your email on our clinic file.  Please note that online bookings are reserved for shorter appointments.